Peterborough, Vic.

  • January 11, 2016
  • Case Studies

Lot 12 Callaway Court, Peterborough, Vic.December 2015

Gary Watts from Signature Homes / DDC Property installed this 140m2 Qikfit Floor in a new home in Peterborough Vic. in early December 2015. This was the second Qikfit floor that Gary and his crew had installed.

Manufactured by Bar-Truss in the Geelong suburb of Breakwater and transported 165 km west along the Great Ocean Road to the small coastal town of Peterborough.

The larger spans of the Qikfit engineered bearers ensured a reduction in the number of stumps required, this showed significant savings in site preparation, stump and concrete costs. With the Qikfit Floor panels in place the wall frame and roof truss installation was simple and fast – the time savings, especially in travelling to site are crucial when you are building in more remote areas.

With the garage walls also supported by stumps the builders can virtually complete the home before needing to pour concrete for the garage and driveway – so all the finishing concrete can be completed in one move – another saving given the distance to the nearest concrete plant.

Congratulations to Gary and his crew on their second successful Qikfit Floors installation.

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Case Studies