Mildura August 2015

  • August 9, 2015
  • Case Studies

Pawson Avenue – Cardross, Mildura , Vic.

August 2015

Wes Marks from Milcon Homes installed this 293m2 Qikfit Floor in a new home in Cardross, Mildura in August this year.

The Qikfit Cassettes and Bearers were manufactured by Mallee Timber & Truss in Mildura and although very experienced in general building, Roof Trusses and Wall Frames this was their first Qikfit project. Mallee’s staff completed the panels and bearers very successfully even though there were some difficult set – down areas to manufacture.

This was also the first Qikfit system Wes and his team had installed and they were very impressed with the savings in stumps of using only 72 instead of the 104 as required in the original layout, again a saving of approximately 30%. Also the pre – installed insulation was a big factor in Wes’s decision to use Qikfit as the requirement was for an R3.0 sub floor insulation. By modifying the grooves in the Qikfit joist and using 15mm Foilboard Insulation this specification was easily achieved.

Wes and Simon from Milcon Homes were very impressed with the Qikfit system and we look forward to working with them and Mallee Timber & Truss on future projects.

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