Williams Rd, Ringwood North

  • July 17, 2016
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1 Williams Road, Ringwood North VIC
July 2016

1 Williams Road North Ringwood is the third home that Burkhard Hansen and his team from CARBONlite Design +Build has built using a modified Qikfit Floor system.
This two storey Passiv Haus incorporates fully insulated floors, walls and ceilings, triple and double glazed windows and banks of Solar Panels on the roof supplying electricity to its own ‘engine room’ of batteries and inverters which power the home.
Excess electricity from the home energy management system incorporating highly efficient storage batteries can then be used to re-charge electric vehicles and can be fed back into the power grid making this home both energy self-sufficient and a seller of excess electricity to the power companies.

This is a highly automated energy efficient home developed by Paul Wilson from ARVIO – The Home of Innovation.
The home was pre – fabricated in the Carbonlite Factory and the modified Qikfit Floor system was manufactured in Knoxfield by Complete Walls. This allowed for very fast installation and on-site build times. The Qikfit floor panel installation was completed in under 5 hours (ground floor area of 187m2) on the morning of Tuesday June 28th . The window frames and roof membrane were being installed a little over a week later on Wednesday July 6th – a very fast build for a home with a total area of 581m2 including the garage, and living areas of 384m2 – especially during a wet and windy Melbourne winter.

As with the Hepburn Springs Passiv Haus the Qikfit cassettes were modified to increase the depth of the joists fixed to the panels to not only give a better span performance but also to accommodate the R3.5 thick Fibre insulation. The underside of the floor cassettes were sheathed in 4.5mm fibre cement to form a sandwich type cassette which contributes tremendously to the buildings energy efficiency.
The Qikfit system was installed very quickly and efficiently with Burkhard commenting again that the Qikfit panels were millimeter perfect and joking that they were half a millimeter out over the 18,814mm length of the floor.
We look forward to working with Burkhard and his team on future developments.

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