Want the fastest , hassle free floor available ?

Qikfit Floors make a light weight, factory manufactured, pre-fabricated
cassette type timber  floor system.

Your Qikfit Floor is a fully insulated bearer and joist floor complete with pre-fixed insulation and OSB flooring. Our unique patented floor system is quick because we first manufacture it in our factory then you re-assemble it on site. The panels are light so no cranes are required.

Qikfit Floors can be modified to cater to just about any span. Our typical system works on a 2.5 metre span so our typical floor requires far less stumps than a normal build saving you time as well as money. After your stumps are in, you install the Qikfit LVL bearers , then simply drop in the Qikfit panels. We individually manufacture each floor for your build so there is no wastage.   Of course by using timber you will have the best environmental credentials that only timber can give !

A Qikfit Floor is very quick and simple to install on site, it can be used for the construction of any home and really excels on sites with problem soils or difficult terrain.

Below is a short time lapse video showing just how fast and easy it is to install a Qikfit Flooring System

Pre-fabricated cassette type flooring saves you time & money

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