Qikfit Floors Advantages

  • Ready made fan base. Builders and consumers would prefer to
    remove concrete from the job !
  • Speed – full days of labour cost can be stripped out of a build.
  • Not concrete – slabs are not level and difficult to work with.
  • Accuracy of timber components and controlled factory production.
  • LVL is accurate and straight.
  • OSB is a proven performer around the world with a long history.
  • Customer buys a system not a product
  • We can change the recipe to suit the system OR the market.
  • Lightweight – 2 or 3 man lift per panel, dependant upon size.
  • No cranes – other proposals use large panels that need cranes.
  • No need to wait for a plumber to rough in as for slab.
  • Sloping sites
  • Good for reactive soils
  • No great variation from an M class soil to a H or P.
  • Other trades including brickies can start anytime
  • Plumbing can be varied during the job.
  • Sub-floor access means rectifications are possible and cheaper if required in the future.
  • Underfloor ducting possible.
  • Second storey additions easier to cater for.
  • Less weather related delays.
  • Reduced ground work required.
  • 2.5 m span means less stumps.
  • Big green tick relative to concrete ! PEFC/FSC
  • First to market !

How The Process Works

1) Upload your plans
2) Take-off supplied complete with stump lay-out.
3) Builder to order Qikfit floor system.
4) Builder to complete stump lay-out as per take-off.
5) Bearers installed – half day (typical home)
6) Panels installed – half day (typical home)

If you are ready to build and would like a quote on your project, all you need to do is submit your plans with a few details to get started

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