Barrabool Victoria

  • May 26, 2016
  • Case Studies

Barrabool Vic – April 2016

Overlooking a valley in the Barrabool Hills 12km west of Geelong is the location of a new home for Paul and Kate Anderson.

This 415m2 (floor area) home constructed by Ray Cromer Builders is the first Qikfit project for Ray, his son Adam and their crew.

To reduce the number of stumps and to line up with the concrete foundations the layout called for larger span bearers. Qikfit designed the sub floor using 240 x 63 LVL, this enabled a support grid of 3.3m x 2.5m drastically reducing the number of stumps required and saving a lot of time and installation expense.

Once Adam, Ned, Rob and Will had installed the bearers the 415m2 of pre-insulated Qikfit panels were installed in 2 days. Very impressive for their first Qikfit project! They all commented on how easily and fast the floor went down and were especially happy that the insulation was pre- installed in the panels. On a project of this size, with a conventional build, installing the insulation alone would have been a huge hassle. They all agreed they would be faster again on their next project.

The floor was perfectly level , very strong and stable.

We look forward to working with Ray and Adam on future projects.

Another great result for all involved and for Qikfit pre-installed floors manufactured by Anita Trengrove and her team at Bar-Truss Geelong.

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